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At exactly,3:18 am, the country mourned of her death. We lost another hero, another icon. She passed due to Cardio Resperatory Arrest. Before she passed away, she was suffering colon cancer, that leads of her death.

She will always be on our heart, her memories will remain fresh in our heart. Her undying love for my country such a huge thing to have.Her contribution as a president cannot be reached by anybody who wants to be a president. Awards here and there-

What's the best of my love president was her kindness and concern about my country, the situation of her people. Sincerity and her faithfulness to God, help her to become noble not just here in my country but all over the world. She open the eyes of millions all over the world, that woman can make great changes to her country. That woman can do what men can. She saved Filipinos from slavery under the administration of late dictator President Marcos,she help poor people to have their own houses.She destroyed gigantic power who wants to kill my country.

Definitely, she made it through.

A woman of power,courage,love,faithfulness,integrity,kindness,and a dearly wife and loving mother to her children. Tita Cory, you are such precious gem of my country. Your love for this country is really huge. Your sincerity of serving Filipinos, was from the bottom of your heart. That is why God blesses you so much.

This woman of courage makes the world witness how woman rules her country with love!
She was featured on TIME MAGAZINE- for 2 times being the first Asian woman became a president. And the most influential woman of all times.

No doubt Tita Cory you are an icon- an icon of love and sincerity!

We love you always, and you will be always in our hearts!


  1. Who? Cory Aquino died? Gosh! Didn't hear that she was ill. My heartfelt sympathies to you and all the people of the Philippines on your loss.


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