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Here we go again, looking back and evaluating ourselves about the things that we had done. Like my mom she always reminds me of fixing my things in the room and try to be responsible on my own. Well as a young person who were trying to cope up all those responsibilities that I need in life, kinda crazy to think. What is in my mind every time she asked me to fix my shirts and undies in the bath room. ( oh sucks up, i guess i need to wear "shirt today but never tomorrow") So it means wearing a shirt today, but you can never wear it tomorrow, I would love to have that rule in this world. You will gonna throw your stuff after using it. Just to escape of not fixing it, or put it into a proper place.

But things needs to be learned as I have said. The process is hard but if you realized that this is not for the goodness of other people, but for you, then why brag things?

Then i started to realized how my responsibility would affects my life, they way I talked, move, and live my life with a meaning. So then growing up, so many cross roads,side ways and humps. The Internet comes along the way. We all know that Internet is really broad and its coverage was really gigantic. I guess I am Internet addict! FACE BOOK,FRIENDSTER PROFILE, TAGGED,TWITTER,GAMES ONLINE, WOOME,YOUTUBE.... All this were hovering me everyday. When I woke up in the morning my mind will dictate me again, "hey maybe you need to update you blog now,how about your face book? oh my God,the farm. might be it will be rotten." Oh gush? What about my responsibilities?



  1. haha...
    i'm an internet addict as well...
    some accounts are linked on my page...

    kaso lang, i'm getting too busy these days to the point that i can't even post a blog with a sense on it. haha...

    i guess u just have to manage yourself..
    there is no such thing as time management, since a day is a constant 24-hour spin...
    the only thing you can control is your attitude...

    go for it!

    (thanks for visiting my site by the way)

  2. helping to (SAVED?) my mother....
    dapat present tense...

    haha..peace po///
    just wanna help you out with this widget.

  3. thank you, i haven't finish my college yet. that is why bea.. hehehehe. it is ok. no problem..

  4. Hi Tim :-D Thanks for leaving a comment on my site. I am glad you did or else I would have not fount out about your blog :-D

    For some strange reason, I kinda got drawn to your posts... I saw areas for improvements, but more than that... i kinda liked your insights... naive and not uncommon. Two things I like :-D

    I hope you keep track of my blogs as I do with yours :-D I am following your blog now :-D

    Take care buddy :-D

  5. Hello
    Some times this happens to all of us.If you are feeling that you are Internet addict then just avoid it and just take decision to not open it for some days.May be this will help you.



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