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Too hard to be a loser.... Gain it with faith...

Admittedly once you are excited to one thing that you really shouting for, you will do things just to get it. You will be willing to sacrifice things, especially your studies. And most of the time you are willing to pursue it in order to get what your heart shouting for.

So now here is the thing-

You dreamed to join a competition, and that competition is really precious to you. You always put in your mind that one day you will be there and the world will know you. That you are good enough and you can make it to the top. It is like ( AMERICAN IDOL).. So until you grow up and grow up, you instilled in your mind that you will be there one day. And you do all the effort to make your self ready for that competition. If it is ( AMERICAN IDOL) you always practice singing, belting and showing your singing prowess to people, you join singing contest,to make it that your confidence is boosting up, so that one day it will gonna be easy for you to faced millions of crowd that will be watching you performing. It is a great preparation huh..

Then the time comes, the audition for ( AMERICAN IDOL) is coming into your place, and since that is your dreamed competition you go and try your luck. You are crazily excited! Whoah, things will gonna be coming true this day. ( i'm goin' to HOLLYWOOD)... Then so awesome you were accepted because you got a wonderful soully voice. So that goes, you reached the place of Tinseltown. The magnificent Hollywood. You are pretty excited, you will be facing those judges that will determine if you will be the next American idol. The horrible SIMON COWELL and the rest. Whoah, mixed emotions.

So the time comes, that you will be performing live and they will determined if you can go to the next week. Your performance is good, the judges said it is okay. And you are happy for that great comment, but SIMON COWELL said it is a "HORRIBLE PERFORMANCE, AND HE DON'T THINK YOU CAN STILL GO TO THE NEXT WEEK PERFORMANCE". Oh, you are sad, but you keep the determination firing so that you will be cool and think positive. All contestants done performing, and you notice that you are the only one who got a negative comment. (oh, what are you thinking right now? is it the end of your journey?)

And so that goes, the judgement day. You look unto the mirror and breath. The perception still in tacked and you know, you won't be voted out. hmmmmmmmmmmm... The names had called and only the 3 of you remaining, gush, your heart is telling you ( i guess this is the end, keep repeating) So the name of your co contestant was IN! And only 2 of you remaining. You are still relaxed and calm. You will be in, that is what is in your mind.

When suddenly, you are not the one who called to continue for the next week performance. All of your dreams seems fled away. And you felt so bad, you wanna shout and cry so loud! As long as you can... You wanna kill your self. Your dreamed! You are shouting for this, and there is no chance of going back.

How can you dealt with it:

every night?
every week?
and your emotions?
your dream?

P/S: What shall you gonna do?


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