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breaking up with Gem

I was once so happy with the friendship that I had with Gem, all things were perfect and cool to remember. The laughters and the happiest moments that we've been together is always good to remember. but things always changed and always has its own way to go through.

Now, the friendship that we have, broke its way til eternity. things got so cramming and I guess we both need to know our boundaries for better reason in life. I cannot blame my self if I got mad at her nor she as well for me. But the only thing was we destroy the precious friendship that we'd built. I got hurt for everything. But it is always said that we need to move on, and in the middle of the road we could find some new good friends, which would make you happy as well, those times that we had been together would always be forever as good as it is. But it will never be back again into reality. Because it is already broken.

Those times would just gonna be remembered but cannot go back on it. It will remain as a great memories for me.

A great farewell to you my friend.. and take care..


  1. Very touching. What went wrong ? I wish i could help.

  2. Hope your ok now..... dont you worry in time you can fix everything

    I already added you on my link page.... tc


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