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BAYANIHAN- the true heart of FILIPINOS to help

We always tested by time and we always proved that we can make it. By slowly moving and making little steps to overcome those trials that is a part of our daily life. We are immune about the word "TYPHOON" this word defined as terrifying and we know how terrific it is. But no matter how strong it was, we always win the battle and knock down the enemy. We know the that there is always a reason to live and there is always a place for us. And that is why I am shouting:


This UNDOY, that we faced this week and the upcoming PEPING, is just a dust for us. A tiny little rock who wanted to broke us down. But since we are strong and stellar it cannot beat us! One thing why I love to stay alive, it is because of the LOVE, for nature and especially for your fellow Filipino who faced problems in life. Typhoon UNDOY is such a nerve wracking experienced, not just here in Philippines but across South East Asia. It destroys buildings,houses,roads,railways,bridges,and most horrible it kills life. And left us mourning. Left us cripple and most especially starving not only for food, but for the people the love one who left us in just blink of an eye. So sad to think but it happens.

UNDOY WAS STRONG- yes proven! but we are stronger than that typhoon. The heart of the Filipinos were really precious, in time of danger and need we help our fellows to survive. In BAYANIHAN SYSTEM it shows how intelligent and pure heart we Filipinos. Assisting people in little way is really awesome to observed, by donating your one year old piggy bank, just to help others who were suffering from hunger. But the most amazing was, you are helping other people instead of helping your self. Not because you wanted to get the attention of MEDIA, but your pure heart is outbursting to help and even though you'd lost your house still the Filipino smile is in your heart! This way we can encourage more and more people. We don't need millions but one smile is more than millions of hope and success is in the package of it. In this subway of life, we might feel that we are loser and we are tired, but one thing to remember that:

WE FILIPINOS BORN WINNER...... Let us prove that we are! I LOVE YOU FILIPINOS!


  1. yeah...
    FIlipinos are innately helpful..
    it's just our nature to give what we can give...
    thanks to a good foundation from our parents,/..

    btw, thanks for following my site..
    i followed you as well...

    good day!

  2. Bea- you are always welcome, i will always do..

  3. I'm proud to be pinoy too!iba talaga pag pinoy

  4. Sana, hindi maghintay ng isa pang Ondoy ang mga Pinoy para lang magtulungan muli.

  5. Meryl- it is so good to feel that we are proud...

  6. timberboy-yeah, this is one lesson for us to learned to care and be aware about mother earth...

  7. that's why foriegners are envious of filipinos in terms of fighting spirit....i once asked by a foriegner before that why filipinos are always smiling inspite of poverty.....its just the way filipinos are, i replied. here in canada, you can really see and feel the goodness of life in terms of materials but it seems you are not satisfied at all, thuogh you have all what you long for but not enough still, as if there's really lucking.....what i've learned living here is that, no time for each other as life is so fast here, no intimate bonding with families, no real relationship with friends, no time to enjoy life i can say...hmmmm i better stop, there's a lot to tell actually.....for filipinos, we always trust God thats why no matter what trials comes in our way, we still smiling as we know God is always there to carry us.....before when i was in pinas, my mom usually buy 1 kilo lechon or fried chicken for whole family to enjoy, and just that, we are all so happy and there is so simple, unlike here.....i am so proud to be a that i'm having a baby, i want him/her to be like a filipino, maybe not in culture but in character and in spirit....


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