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Hey UNDOY! This is such a great holocaust for us Filipinos of what you have done, though my place is not affected but it is still hard for us to think what other Filipinos were facing today. Lacking of food,water,medicines and more. We lost our love ones! And this is one of the most terrific thing for us UNDOY!

But one thing you should always remember, we will never ever quit in what you do, we will accept it, never to hate you. But you will always in our hearts and minds. September last week, you came into our life and took away what is ours. It is hard, but thank you for the great learning that you impart for us. I will show you the picture of how strong I am to find the light! I will survive!


  1. so sad to hear about this =( Talagang maraming nasalanta sa bagyong undoy.

  2. nice one..
    but the thing is that, yes, we can'y fight nature but sometimes...we also have to think twice...on all our acts..

    this might just be the consequence of what we, people are doing to our mother earth...

    and this should be a reminder for us all...

    (my reply to your comments are in my post..thanks!)

  3. ei thanks sa pagdaan sa aking blog. hope you are safe and sound

  4. it's always about getting back on our feet after the storm... always.....

  5. THANK GOD everything is ok now. Kahit ilang bagyo pa ang dumating sa buhay ko. Kahit gaano pa kalalim ang bahang lalanguyin ko. KAKAYANIN KO! :)

  6. Meryl, yeah and it is so bad. We used to help for our fellows.. It is so sad but lesson for us to be learned..

  7. BEA-yeah, i really agree with that bea.. that is so true.

  8. Yj,we must be strong, for no matter how strong and terrifying the typhoon, we can always overcome it..

  9. ACQRYLIQUE- yes, i love your words!

  10. we have to be strong in dealing this kind of calamity.

    i like the photo. its great.

  11. sa lhat ng naapek2han dnt loose hope god will provide..hihi nice pics


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