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Ranjay the powerful woman and sexy savvy...


We always shared our laughter's, our tears and especially our dreams. That someday our life will be wonderful and our ultimate dream will be coming true. All those wonderful memories is really pretty good to remember. She is sexy and savvy beautiful lady, who loves adventure. Her life style is some kinda hard to understand. Today she got a new job, but tomorrow she lost it.

( oh, i don't know what did you do with your job jay?)

Her aggressiveness when it comes in adventure is really astonishing. She climbed the Mt. APO for 3 times, she slept there during the rainy season. She use to play such hard games , that is intended for men alone. Like Frisbee,mountain climbing. And many more!

But this gorgeous girl remains gorgeous as always. I might be crazy, i remember the time when we go out together, and she left me at the cafe, because her friends invited her to go for ( inuman) beer party. Well I just allow her to go, but promising that she will be coming back for me, I guess it would be impossible. But she did, she return. So what happen was, when she entered to the cafe, where I am located she met one guy that is also drunk. And the guy grab her bag so damn bad, mash her 2 bulging mountain. (hehehe)... I guess the big fight is coming to town! What she did was, she slapped the face of the guy and spit on it. Wow! how brave is my girl! Then leave the man so damn crawling on the cubicle. When she arrived at my side she grab the chair and sit down, telling me she hit the drunken master outside the cafe. Wheew! My God. Then she just told me to make it fast, because we have to go.. Then I just follow her.

But my mind still strolling and asking question about the big man, how did she made it slept out side the cafe!!! hhhhmmmmmmmmmm......

Well I guess, she just made it well! Congratulations Ranjay!


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