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fingers and mouth of hell....


When we got mad we used those nasty words that it is so bad to hear. The people around us, especially those ignorant about those words, and hate them. They might think that how worst we are as a person. Those words that really describes the way we are and how do we live our life in this world.

I write this topic just to show how desperate i am with the people who never control their mouth and their fingers to throw those so called "hell words" to somebody, though sometimes it is jokes but the tendency or hurting somebody is really in there. I guess the discipline is really important for our selves. There were people who just love these words and throw unto you, that my God! I don't like it, and i will never ever liked it!

One of my friend posted some nasty pictures on his page. So terrific to see, I don't know if other young likes it. But for me I hate it...

So now, here is the question-

By doing it with your fingers, and saying it by your mouth. Is it just an expression, or a reflection of your own real image as a person?

- look at the picture upstairs.. is it good?


  1. hola! you have agreat blog. i like reading your blog. have good day.

    ps: welcome to my blog, im from malaysia :)

  2. Hi Tim :-D You have good insights here.

    May I ask something, do you have Deaf friends? I have a lot of them and I love all of my Deaf friends :-D

  3. My first visit, interesting blog.

    Dorothy from grammology

  4. depende lang yata sa sitwasyon... like in my circle, most of us swear a lot... and we usually curse each other but we take it in a good way... because we all know that's just another way of showing our love for each other.... we're crazy, i know that.... lol


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