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remembering tristan.....


To find love in this world is impossible. Some are liars, some are hiding their true attitude about love. To love is wonderful, but to find somebody for that love is hard. To be happy is important but to find people to make you happy is not easy. Well I guess life is mysterious! All things has their own meaning and description. Its boundaries and its way is difficult to ponder. But one thing why life is exciting, is when you know that you have the direction and the courage to go on.

When I met tristan, I said to my self that this would gonna be final and I must be faithful to him. I will iron all those grumpy way that I had been through, just to make our relationship well and happy. I planned all things so that it would gonna be okay. If we will encountering rift, I will do things just to make the situation at ease.

But as I have learned about life, it is not easy doing it. All things have their own time and their own way. For love, it is not easy to sacrifice and make a balance just for some one you love. Might be you can do it, but somehow things never ever united.

Tirstan is a guy whom you will think, he cannot broke the glass. Whom you will gonna think he can stand on the promise. He can do things for the relationship. And whom you will think would love you eternally. His moves will let you be secure. His smile and his promise can move mountain to other place. But when you know his real attitude, you will be shocked!

His charisma was astonishing, but his real attitude inside will let you leave him. A liar one and a word eater. So that goes, I found out how bad to have a relationship without any proper consent of time. Because time always gives us the right timing in everything.

For you tristan,hope you will find a person that would love you more than i do. Take care!!


  1. I love this line "To love is wonderful, but to find somebody for that love is hard. "


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