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Are you aware of GLOBAL WARMING?

This is just a simple question yet very meaningful.And that meaning describes how aware are the people about this so called GLOBAL WARMING.

What is global warming for you, to me, to youth, young ones and old ones? Are you aware of this?
We had done our audition for our pageant gods and goddesses of Davao. It was good and very successful audition. We come up with this project for global warming awareness, and to help our mother nature recovered of what she is facing right now. In this way, we can open the eyes of the people who live in this city, that they must be aware of global warming for their own good as well.

But not all people were aware of this issue. We screened 11 male and 6 female. Beautiful and very gorgeous faces. Tall and handsome. Seems all things were complete. But to find out if they were aware about climate changes and global warming, yes they knew it, but the causes and effect of global warming was really far from their handsome and gorgeous aura. One contestant had been asked about" how to conserve energy" Well what a wonderful answer he said that" he will sleep early and go to the gym every day". Oh all eyes was really opened so wide. Is that how the way you conserve energy? Then another one came along, the pretty sexy lady. Astonishing look. She had been asked about "Noise pollution" Well at first the answer is straight, thought is there. But when she asked about how to prevent this problem, she doesn't know what to do. Shocking, real beauty but so sad they were not really aware of this holocaust that the world were facing. On how to prevent global warming, steps on how to do it. And most of them don't know their answer.

The lesson here is: So sad to think that most of us doesn't know what is global warming, don't know the causes and the effects of it. How to prevent it. And most of us, we are not concerned about mother earth. Where shall we go, if this mother will say I will quit, and it is too much. Living in this wolrd is really wonderful, so let us be aware and help protecting this place for our next generation.


  1. hindi na natin mapipigilan ang global warning..ang dapat na lang gawin ay maghanda..

  2. yeah, i pretty understand you. and that is so sad for us....

  3. and what's really worse than this is that some ppl do know about it, but they don't really care enough to do anything.
    lol but it's still pretty funny that people would enter a pageant for global warming awareness without even knowing what are the effects of global warming. that's so dumb haha

  4. p.s can i ask you a favour plz? can you just quickly drop by my blog, stop following, n then follow again.i'm so so so sorry for the hassle, but so many ppl r not getting my feeds. i feel like killing blogger pfft >_<

    that aside, have a lovely sunday :)

  5. yeah manju, there were people who just taking it for granted and don't have any little concern for our mother earth...

  6. lol no, what i meant is just, you know on the followers thing, stop following, n then follow again, just to refresh it, that's all
    i hope you don't mind.
    nothing else changes :P

  7. ok, thank you manju...

  8. Have you watched the Inconvenient Truth? It explains it all. Sadly, we had experienced a little output of it through Typhoon Ondoy.

  9. grabe part na ata si ondoy ng global warming..... because of that typhoon im im here and di ako makauwi ng manila since flight are cancelled hopefully by tomorrow its ok na

  10. madz- i guess it is part. (hehehehe) just take care and keep safe.

  11. markey- keep the faith you can go home tom..

  12. I actually did a post on it too....


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