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great hug from Tyra

I just reminisced those memories that America's Next Top Model cycle 12 was still airing. It is fantastic and one of the most viewed ANTM episode. Not just for gorgeous ladies, but for the exciting challenges that the aspirant models will be facing. Their attitude and how to deal with each other. In this episode I found some lesson to be learned in life. How to face your fears and how to make this world astonished on what you do, and what you are. It never demands if you are tall or small,gorgeous or ugly,rich or poor or what ever and who ever you are in this world. What matters the most is how will you make a history, that the world will remember you.

I noticed it, though every episode she always hug her eliminated contestant she always gave such words of encouragements. But then I am not really satisfied those past comment and words she said for eliminated contestant. Until I found this episode, this cycle 12. Well every people grow up and so Tyra, she grew up in terms of saying words to those defeated ladies. When Kortnie was being eliminated, she is gorgeous but yet not deserving to be come ANTM. So she was voted out. But Tyra gives her a wonderful advice that I know she will never forget. Its being about to show your emotions and your feelings in everything that you do. And be the best out of it. People,all of us was created perfectly. It is just that we never feel it, and we never know how precious are we in the eyes of the creator. So think that you are capable!

Now facing my fear is really hard, but when I realized that I can do it and prove to mockers that I can do. Great lesson was being learned. And that is how to gain confidence and learned to fight for a good success. May the perception will never be changed.


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