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Remembering the centuries had past the word racism is common in Western countries. It was horrible to find yourself in the middle of people who only wants you to cry, being bullied and scorned. It was because of how you look like, the skin color, the accent and the culture and tradition you grew up with. It's quite a struggle to everyone who faced this kind of experienced. As white people dominates Western hemisphere this kind of happenings was being executed rudely.

  • a belief or doctrine that inherent differences among the various human races  determine cultural or individual achievement, usually involving the idea that one's own race  is superior and has the right to rule others.
  • a policy, system of government, etc., based upon or fostering such a doctrine; discrimination.
  • hatred or intolerance of another race  or other races. 
Most complaints have been listed against racism in America are Asians and Africans. 
The African people have been complaining against bullying, on how they look like and their black skin. The towering height and the kinky hair or bald. Do you remember the girl in Tyra Banks Show? She complained about her hair, her appearance and how hard to live in USA having that type of skin and culture she grew up with. Even though Black American, are originally from Africa still the discrimination of skin colors are rampant even to this present days. 

Meanwhile Asians are mostly being bullied by their minute height and their eyes. Going to school with you yourself alone is a struggle for an Asian student. Facing those odds that bullied you terribly is just like hell. As a Filipino, some of our fellow countrymen are also suffering from racism. Complaining on how they being treated and how jokingly but meanly their employer threw morbid words to them. They even suffered from not eating for days and worst no salary but still they are working.
Over the years racism is untiringly being regulated and controlled. USA even made a law  for that. 21st century is one of the luckiest years for us, either Asians or Africans- as of today we can express how we feel we know our rights and how to be treated equally as human being as well without being discriminated.


  1. perhaps today, third world countries like us (although they said we‘re up the notch being the second) suffers the most discrimination. like if the country can prove itself to the world esp. singapore, japan, korea, etc., somehow people regard them with respect.

    racism is ageless, sadly.

  2. i am lucky to be here in canada. the multi-cultural environment have taught everyone to respect the various culture that exists.

    one thing that frustrates me a lot is. i wouldn't want to speak about other but just my being filipino. i dont think we are discriminated because of our accent or our color (becoz they love our tan skin), the question is what is good in the country for other people to adore us, to like us. our government have never prove it's worth, or maybe just the politicians or government leaders. someway, somehow, the whole Philippine citizenry should do something to eliminate the bad politician to create a wonderful government and a wonderful culture for all the world to see.


  3. It saddens me to know that Filipinos are common victims of racial discrimination.

  4. Racism has always been a problem almost everywhere. Sighs.

  5. Speaking of this...I personally experienced the racial discrimination last year in one of my sad:( Filipino are always a victim:(

    Following you now:)

  6. Anonymous6/09/2011

    what the heck tinuturing natin silang importanteng tao.. dun naman sa kanila.. tinuturing tayong alipin... sipain ko yan eh...


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