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 I was Surfing the net when I came across this website showing off how cruel and gruesome is this faggot had been doing to his puppy. It is morbid and a sadist way of letting the fur of the puppy to dried up.

I was shocked when I found him trying to make the dog dried up in the craziest way his mind could ever think off. Such a crazy stupid faggot!

Look at what he had done to this poor puppy- that is so cute and adorable.I doubt if you wont get upset, and spank this guy, is he out of his mind?

Or can someone call a PETA to jail this fag!

(Mr. Stupid Faggot!)
Dude, all I can say is- you are just stupid trying to post this pictures of you torturing this poor puppy
 ( 3 weeks) How stupid you are doing this! I hope PETA will find you and would scratch your head hell outa here! And you will also be punished just like what you did to this puppy! F****CK off!


  1. nakita ko din na may ganitong post ang sa animal lover na katulad ko, nalungkot ako ng sobra, madami akong aso sa laguna, madami din akong pusa yung mga chihuahua ko katabi ko pang matulog yun,parang mga baby pa sila, tapos ganito makikita ko nakakadismaya, sana itong taong ito makarma, tapos kung sakali naman huwag naman mamatay siya SANA, maging ipis siya sa second life niya tapos papaluin siya ng tsinelas..

  2. poor puppy....send that useless prick to jail, stat!

    wawa naman yung puppy, sana kagatin sya nun pup.

  3. :( poor puppy. So sad someone did this thought it will be appreciate but hell NO.

  4. ano ba naisip nya para gawin kaya un, nagpapansin ata!

  5. This is downright rude and immature. Read this on abuggedlife blog and was shocked for someone at his legal age to do that stupidity. Ang cute pa naman ng puppy.

  6. oh my gosh!

    grabe naman yan! kawawa naman yung dog walang kalaban laban.

    buti nga nakasuhan na siya!

    baliw ata yan eh! at proud pa siya ha!

    ang gago lang!

  7. nakita ko yan sa news:(

    poor little thing..


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