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The Essence of RH Bill...


Society/community is divided into two division- Anti RH Bill and the Pro Rh Bill. The minds have been boggled about this issue in which the CBCP(Catholic Bishop  Capital of Philippines) is in urge on consistently   disagreeing   to let the RH Bill approved. It's quite sometime now, since it was filed years ago but due to the disagreement of the church and its refusal on acquiescing it , until now RH Bill is floating in spite of the strong promotion of  lawmakers pursuing to make it happened.

CBCP is in Boycott mode!   Yes, you heard it right  they are in a forcefully altercation. Bickering because they are afraid  what would be the future of our country if we allow  RH Bill to behead, the child who  supposed to live, will never be given a chance to see the beauty of the earth. And to approved it, is like we accede on "Pro Abortion/ killing" So the church is on its solid ground, and  vital decision to stop lawmakers pursuing the said Bill.

The church is supposed to teach us good values, the real faith,the love of God, His kindness and His undying care for us-  and has no  right to betwixt on the said issue. Anti abortion is a good act, which the church has been doing for so long. We also know it is against the Law of God purely. But RH Bill Monsignor has nothing to do with your Anti Abortion issue.The main goal of the said Bill is to promote healthy lifestyle and to free Philippines from being beaten and drowned on unwanted pregnancies, the fast growing population we have which is nearly 90 million estimated.

This bill has no plans on killing babies, taking lives from its destined fate on earth, instead it promotes LIFE. The children will be given right nutrition,and the right future for them. The 90 million and growing population  is a threat, that this island we have could  suffer starvation due to the increase of population. Lawmakers are viewing this chance to give great future for Filipinos, and to stop the hunger we are having right now. The crisis,the scarcity of everything we needed, proper education, food, shelter etc. As well as, the children could live on  a non suffocated environment.

Church stop biting your nose! Enough with your  insensibility, it never helped on paving the way for  the future of our nation, the greater future ahead of us. You supposed to teach us the right  faith, not to interfere  on the issue that our country's dealing today.

Let the RH Bill Approved!!


  1. time for a change. pro-RH ako :)

  2. Im a Pro-RH bill, Im not againts Catholic Church lalo na catholic ako, I think mapride lang ang CBCP, wala akong nakikita masama sa RHbill bagkus, makakabuti pa siya. Kapag nanunuod ako sa television ng session sa plenary hall, napapansin ko lang parang mayroon something wrong,parang may misunderstunding, lalo na sa part ng mga anti-rhbill, parang sarado ang mga tenga nila sa ganitong usapin, Papaano uunlad ang bansa kung nakatali tayo sa mga kulturang hindi naman praktikal..

  3. bloggingpuyat : Cool!

  4. -mark: tama ka talaga dyan Mark, knowing na nag hihikahos na tayo.. kailangan na ng pagbabago.

  5. that's true Tim,naghhihirap na tayo, sa totoo lang kung meron paren category na 4th world or fifth world country,nandun tayo,nakakahiya man tanggapin. At isa sa mga dahilan ay ang lumalaking populasyon. Walang knowledge ang ibang tao sa reproductive health kaya hindi sila responsible. madaming advantage ang rhbill,makakaiwas pa sa mga sakit ang mga mahilig. senxa ang haba ng sinabi ko.haha naiirita ako sa mga humaharang ng bill na yan, pati ang diyos at ang holy bible, pinapanangga nila.

  6. I'm a pro RH at ang sikip na natn di na ako makatumbling ng bongga ha! lol

  7. Anonymous6/14/2011

    Pro ako... hehehe... tsaka nice yung video...

  8. Perhaps, knock on the wood, this would go on and on and on. An endless ruckus made worse by the Church, the People and the Ideas brought up because of clashes of different concepts and viewpoints.

  9. KikomaxXx: thanks man..

  10. Midnight Orgasm: I agree, moi is just saying my opinion and view about this issue, how the Catholic church bickering to stop it.


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