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the Filipino living the dream instead..


Action films we had grown up were remarkable on its own. Our predictable yet entertaining way of making movies is one of a kind. All I can say it's genuinely ours! The  "paltik" guns we have, the bombing scene, the costume, and ofcourse the setting on a river banks or in a warehouses.

Bang! Bang! Bang! This is the sound of our locally produced movies, the trademark in which helped us developed and learned to embarked new knowledge on making great movies that are internationally caliber. Those movies we all have grown ups were the evidence that we can make movies with our original concepts, without mimicking the  Hollywood style.

The plot, the cinematography are one of a kind. Those stunts that's predictable yet wonderfully made.

The Plot : The protagonist is either poor or rich should be good, elected official, good governance is always on the front line. United family. Lots of supporter.
                  The antagonist is  rich, with bratty kids, promoting evil, killing people, and as well as owned a drug syndicates. Aiming to rule the city or the whole nation, then the bratty kid wanted to marry the leading lady, who fell inlove to the son of the protagonist. Then here goes "the refusing scene" where the bratty kid could never accept his defeat and he's seeking for a revenge since the lass chosed the protagonist's son.. So the trouble started, and whole bunch of war, duel and those "paltik scene". And ofcourse the protagonist will always win the battle..

With this plot, we already know what to happened next. Which places the character will be going in to, and what would be the conclusion of it. Either a kissing scene, a wedding, or the protagonist will be put to jail- but later on will be released.

We all have what it takes to make good movies, being impressed on how the actors  embodied the roles. We sometimes hate, curse them- and celebrates when protagonist gained his position and revenge started to fell into place. This is how we Filipino live, how we make our movies, the cadence of it made us live the dream we have. Those characters possesses the character that most of us has. It's living the Filipino dream instead!

Meanwhile watch this Pepsi commercial.. Isn't it a Filipino style?

Thanks for reading...


  1. hmm parang di na uso ang pinoy action movies puro na lang mga nobrainer teeny kilig kilig na loveteams

    and mga teleserye or movies ng pinoy pareho pa rin ang plot

  2. lonewolf: tama ka dyan, kilig kilg moments na na uuso ngayon..


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