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Freedom to live..


How many of us living in this world, with different races different upbringing and with different view about homosexuality or better known as gay. Seven continents we have, with a different view of  what is gay, and how we perceived and understand their capabilities and of course their weaknesses. In these seven continents, let's view how homosexual riffraff being treated and and how they being perceived.

In this world which conservative type of people lurks, we cannot deny the fact that they gave such comments and words that have been thrown to homosexual people- I described it as "horrendous"! Indeed it is, we cannot deny that some of the countries even in the western hemisphere still ashamed of having someone in the family who is gay. Around the world it is rampant, common as we can see by the naked eyes.

The world that they are facing is such full of rejection, maltreatment and abusive. I asked one person who faces this kind of tragic life and he stated this : " It's hard to be a gay, suffering from gruesome experiences, maltreated and abused by my family. I feel so rejected and abandoned. " With this experienced alone, we can learn, how unfair the world is. Aren't they human? Of-course they are! And they wanted freedom to love and be loved. They are thesame as who we are.

Being a gay, was never their plans to be. They never dreamed to have that feeling which entices other people on commenting morbid words and throw hilarious comments. Let us give them such love they needed. Let us let them feel that they also deserved to be loved. They have their nice and weightless personality, in which digging deeper- you would understand and learned loving them in such a special way!

Give them love and freedom to live. Love is all they needed!


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