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Miss Earth Philippines- Plane Jane?

(Courtesy of Miss Earth Philippines)

I've heard a lot of news about the newly crowned Miss Philippines Earth Athena Mae Imperial,  a witty lass from Casiguran Aurora- she deserves the crown. Being the front runner on the night of the pageant along side Miss Cebu and Miss Puerto Princesa City. For two months of preparation, the said fourth grand slam pageant had already chosen their deserving winner to represent our country on it's 11'th year of Beauty for a Cause pageant. 

It's been a while, I was sad when my friend Honey Claire Aranquez of Davao City was voted out through elimination process, during the first elimination round. It was bad for her. But next year Davao City will take  huge revenge on that! Dare to be scared.

A lot of rumors in the forum questioning Miss Casiguran winning the Title of Miss Philippines Earth, it's offensive on her part since she strive to won the coveted title. But what made her a "plane jane" beauty? Let's find out..

  • In the International scene of pageantry, the woman required to atleast stand 5'7, but 5'6 is good to go- and she is. 
  • Wit and presenting yourself doesn't really necessary. Sort of it is, but as the world views  the beauty as a standard of winning the pageant I guess Miss Casiguran will puke over with it..
  • We had proven last year winner Psyche Resus is intelligent but our country who owned the said pageantry assigned Vietnam to handle the pageant, it was a surprising fact she went unplaced. ( She is intelligent and witty)
  • Beauty- as we send our candidate to compete internationally without even toning their body, and undergone Surgical procedure it's quite a luck for us once we got higher rank. It means we are original. 
  • As beauty is the standard internationally, most countries in Latin America (Venezuela) as well as Western and Europe had been performing this, to secure the place they would wanted to be in.  
  • Beauty with a cause is not just talking about your advocacies and how will you enlightened the minds of many about climate change or global warming.It is also  a beauty pageant. It means beauty is needed. 

My point here is not to discourage you,. supporting her. But Philippines our country should adopt the trend of the International pageant. The way it flows. I am not suggesting to undergone surgeries or something like that. We are rich with beautiful Filipinas, why not trained them well and send them. Brought honor to our country.. 

At the end, I cannot stop her on representing our country In Miss Earth, not unless she'll do something stupid and will be dethroned. (How I wish) LOL..


  1. thanks for visiting my blog...

    and i love the featured article here...


  2. I got your point.we should adopt the trend if we really want a sure place in the world of beauty pageant:)

  3. I think she deserved the crown...

    Goodluck n lng sa knya sa Int'l pageant...

    Btw, natawa nmn ako sa comment mo sa post ko hahah adik!

  4. At 5 feet 4 inches (1.63 m) tall, Miss Thailand 1965, Apasra Hongsakula was the shortest Miss Universe ever crowned.
    source: wikipedia

    she is pretty.

  5. JJRod'z: Oh thanks for the visit..

  6. SunnyToast: Cool! Thanks for that!

  7. Jag: hahahaha.. Mao ba? hahahaha

  8. jdGONEMAD: I know that buddy, but was it repeated again? I guess never!

  9. aight man. adding this blog to my blogroll as well.

    a click on the google + 1 button would deeply be appreciated. hehehehhe.


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