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Timothy Jian Smithson

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Mourning time...

Why can't we just make it real?
Why do we need to wait, if we know we can have it now..

A little reason to live, but millions of crack ways we need to face.
Life is great? how come i am in vain?

If  life is fair, why i need to shed tears?
Can't you just fill me with love?
Why do i need to wait, what if i will just find it alone?
For me to happy and not to be sad.

Hard to be alone, tears kept falling..
Hard to face this life, if i don't have you..
A creepy minded one,believes that you will come back..
What if  you will not?

Do i need to wait?
I am here, in this dark side
The flickering lights of the street, reminds me of you..
The scent of the night is alluring.
But that remains useless, if i don't have you.

I guess I am fool, a damn fool.
Holding this memories, that soon will fades away.
I will asked you, "will you go back and see me?"
I didn't able to know the whole reason.
A lots of why's and what's...

This ain't not a love song lyrics..
But you know, the message of it, hits you heart...
I wanna be with you, miles away..
Spending the night,thinking of you..
Fragile,hopeless and broken...

My dear, how long do i need to wait?


  1. I really thought its a sad song hehehe...gawan natin ng music? hehehe

  2. Jag: hehehehe, pwede talaga...

  3. all i can say is..


  4. ambiguous_angel: yeah..

  5. wow..ang ganda..very sad..and i love it~ the feeling of waiting for someone who arent sure to return is just so achingly sad :/
    visit my blog if you have time ^_^

  6. ayu: thanks baby..

  7. @kuya tim: salamat..hehe..ayos naman nga lang medyo busy pa din..may 3 final exam pa kasi ako hehe :P

  8. ang hirap ng may hinihintay tapos di pa dumarating..

  9. ayu: gudluck sa u...

  10. arvin: yun nga eh....


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