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Holy Week...

A chance to share this week with your love ones, lover and friends..Eat and drink, celebrate life. God never told us to mourn for this days, instead he told us to be happy and share those blessings that he gave  for us. Remove all those grudges and pains that we have been carrying all through  our lives. Let the people beside you feel the love that you have for them, because truly once we will die,we will never have any chance again to show how much they mean on our heart.

Sharing is a choice and not a priviledge.There are so many people who have millions in their pocket but refused to share it to people who definitely craving for food. I am not saying that we need to feed them the whole of their lives  you know. We need to be human sometimes, all i know we are not humans..

This week, Jesus Christ payed our sin and help us to be free. So let this day be a reason for us to feel the freedom that we have right now.  That we are free!

                                                     happy holy week blogger friends


  1. Anonymous3/30/2010

    Hi! Thanks for posting your comment. I'm glad you found my post very helpful. Feel free to browse more articles I've made from my site.

    What are your plans for Holy Week? Actually, as for me, I don't have any. I just thought Holy Week is so boring! I'm also opt to go to work that day (cc agent, fyi). But when I get the chance of spending the time with my family, we go to church.

  2. Meg: awesome!

    anyway sharing this week with our special someone is really great you know.. will go back in your blog.. don't worry!

  3. aww..this is a really touching and timely post!!! :D

    check out my latest post~ :D

  4. ayu: thanks ayu...

  5. lahat tayo ay magsisisi na sa mga kasalanan..ewan ko lang ang mga ampatuan kung may pagsisisi sa kanila,hehe..

  6. Arvin: naku you hit it man!

  7. so touching :)

  8. Tayo ay mangilin at magsisi sa ating mga kasalanan ngayong Mahal na Araw...

    lalahanin natin na ang diwa ng Mahal na Araw ay ukol kay Jesus na isinakripisyo ang kanyang buhay para sa ating mga kasalanan. Sana ay maisama n'yo Siya sa anumang inyong balak ngayong Semana Santa.

  9. Wishing you and your family a Happy and Joyous Easter Tim. I hope all is well in your part of the world :-) Glenn

  10. fiel-kun: salamat sa mensahe na napakaganda...

    parekoy ingat..

  11. : thanks glenn.. you are just a nice friend..

  12. what an optimistic post man!
    i liked it :)

  13. Tripat "Prerna" : thanks man!

  14. Amen! have a blessed week buddy...


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