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Timothy Jian Smithson

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Love and faith matters...

Truly you are exceptional!

A friend to lean on, a mother to confides in, a sister to cry on, and most of all a true peer to treasure of. Four years ago, as we remember it was a gruesome time of my life, a challenge which quaked my faith, too hard to move on, just even to try to step my foot on the ground. I am wasted and tired. Noted that i was in pain.

It always reminds me what  "true friends" really means. And how does this friendship that we have, affects my life. We have been through a lot of pain, struggle and challenges that shaked our friendship but we surpassed, and still standing very strong. And we all know that it will be forever. We shared moments which people find it really weird, i guess they're just intimidated about us. The friendship that i found in  you is really sparkling like a gold, and shines like a sun in heaven.

Being your friend is the most amazing thing to have in this world, finding true friend in this world is hard to have, but lucky enough that i found you, atleast i can boast that you are exceptional. Telling me that " you are not doing these huge stuff for people,but for God". Wow, really great! An amazing love for people, love for this world, music, and for God. Encouraging me, if i am indespair and in vain, telling me the world is still a wonderful place to live, that things will going to be okay. I cannot find any better than you!

When i lose my hope, and crying for help, you are there to guide and show me the brighter side of life. Just this afternoon, i told you that i am facing some problems now, and i don't know how to solved this, but you told me good things to happen and everything has a reason. You are my mom and dad, a parents which children really wishing for, a dynamic woman of tomorrow!

All i can say " thank you so much, for the friendship that i found". Thank you for helping me everytime i am down, and showing me the good part of those bad things that happens to me, i just wonder why you are so optimistic in life. Thank you for those great memories that we shared together, the laughters and tears! We will always keep this vow that we have together! Swear to God..



  1. really touching :)

    ne~ if you have time why dont you check out my latest post..? :D

  2. wow, nagkataon lang ba,hehe..ang post ko rin is about friendship..iba pa rin kapag may true friends talaga..kasi may maaasahan ka..

  3. ayu: thank you so much...

  4. arvin: hehehehe, cguro parehas tayo ng iniisip sa mga friends natin..

  5. Finding real friend is like treasure hunting... marami kang makikilala pero only few stand out as the the best and truest ^_^

  6. fiel-kun: yup, tama ka dyan parekoy!


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