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Beating the Odds..

Everyone tend to say opinions about how gay communities should behaved and how to express their personal ideas of what is life and what is society on their own ways. As the world is not convince and has remained conservative on its shallow way, judgmental minds and a crocodile eyes are lurking around to bully, prejudge and of course to stay against gay community on expressing the freedom that they have longed for. And this happened to my friend Jeff.

Jeff is an open gay, has proclaimed it to the whole world that "he is gay." His family are quite accepting to  this matter, without hatred and prejudging attitude Jeff was dearly accepted  wholeheartedly. For Jeff it is the best moment of his life, being accepted by his family and to celebrate the freedom that he has longed for. To be free and to love with his the same sexuality. But his struggle has never end there.

While busy buying food for his family, he was approached by somebody whom he recalled as not familiar to him and abruptly bullied and yelled. The lady told him such morbid lines and even pin pointed him as delirious self proclaimed gay, and that he is a sinister in this town. Almost everyone in the market watched him left teary eyed, shaking and gasping for air. He felt so ashamed and down.

He never tell the happenings to his family and had remained mum about the issue. He is a Muslim, as per Jeff being a gay on their society is a huge dealings that would put him and his family in danger.  Might be his family accepted him dearly but the conservativism  attitude of the society that he is in can brought him to danger or worse comes to worst his death. And Jeff has created a very well written blog about gays and how they skirmish life and battled for their respective rights live and the freedom that they should fairly obtained. Check it out!

But Jeff is destined to change the view of gays on his community. He is now a head of a "Non Government Organization" fighting for gay rights in his town. And that Jeff happily ever after. A proud and dignified gay advocate.


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