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Sony plus VICE Mag a great impact!

Sony is great when it comes to producing high quality gadgets and giving us the quality that we can't find in any other company who provides latest and and brand  new gadgets. As for me, I guess Sony never sleeps. great provision indeed.

A picturesque view of what is world, the expression of what is art. And so all professional goes compact! In a move of making Sony as the unbeatable number one provider of high tech gadgets such as cameras with great and friendly features whom could be loved by all users around the globe with its amazing partner the VICE magazine.

Sony have partnered with VICE magazine to capture the three photo essays using the NEX-5N. Seeing our city in different yet picturesque view. A new change? Yes, but this is for the better. Viewing our city through a different lens and be inspired to capture quality urban photography.

So what are you waiting for? Hurry up and grab one for yourself!

As our society is gearing up for a greater discovery, now is the time to make something that is worth doing and with Sony everything is graspable. With their amazing gadgets, your dream of capturing your whole city in view that you dreamt of having. Take a glance on how wonderful our world using Sony. Capture the greatest and the most amazing view, it is possible only with Sony!


  1. Isa sa mga pinagpipilian kong camera ay SONY.

  2. matibay pa ang sony.....the best..

  3. Yung isang TV namin e Sony ang brand.


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