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Winning it!

I am not a tumblr user but definitely a blogger. One of my favorite blogger to date is Victor Basa, yes you read it right, aside from being a model and actor, this guy is venturing in blogging. Well, I would admit for my 4 years of staying on blogosphere I enjoyed every moment of it.

Everyday I looked forward to post,read and have my blogger friends checked. It's an awesome mundane to do. I always find time checking it. Plus the most enjoyable giveaways that some of the bloggers give. It's a win win situation- so I guess you probably know the reasons why blogging is more fun.

Alrighty, back to Victor Basa's blog giveaway. I am hesitant to conjure myself from joining. Damn, of all bloggers that will be competing for this cute and effin cool camera, I pressume that I would be going through a fine thin line if ever time permits me to win it. hahaha. Crossing my fingers  for that!

I deserve  to win this camera, because it would pave me more ways on reaching people, who can be able to help us gather more school supplies for the kids in Mindanao. They are the joy and the future of our country. I don't just dreamt of  owning this gadget for the sake of having a gadget. The main gist is, if ever my post would be chosen, and win it. I can be able to take photos- sell it online. It's feasible I am telling you. Then get the proceeds, and have it given to the Pens of Hope org. Where in it is possible enough for me to help kids. I don't have that much amount of money to help. So I am now extending my wings to join this blog give away. Hoping that I can be able to touch and inspire young ones to pursue their dreams.

So help me God!


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