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Gays against Conservatives

Change is constant, change is important.  But do the Gays in our society today have the right to flaunt what they feel?  Do  they have the luxury of making their  dreams into reality? To love and to be loved freely.

Philippines is still enveloped by bourgeois acts leading  into hilarious judgments and of course things that are obscene.  Literally gays in our society are still facing a great  battle and that is dealing with people who are hard to pleased and those who felt clean. But in my 21 years of existence I have seen a bit of a change, slowly people are a little bit of open and considerate towards what  gays feel.

Things that they  love, things that they wanted to do freely. But  the real change is still can't  be grasp.

My friend Mark is still frightened, he is still afraid of his past that made him traumatized. It started with a confession to his father, confessing that he is gay.  He thought that when he confessed and if  he would tell his father about his sexuality, he will be free from the burden he's been carrying for almost half of his life. But it was a terrible move. He was battered and beaten badly.

He forced to move out from his father's house, slept and live on the road. His father  was a police, and he dreamt of letting his son followed his footstep. But he failed, since Mark wants to pursue his fashion designing   dream.

"It is hard to reckoned what had happened in the past, how did I survived, and how did I strive to  be free from the cruelty of the society. Gays are treated  badly. Gays are battered and beaten. We are forced to act like a real man so that we will never suffer from the hands of our perpetrators. It is like living in hell."  As Mark continue.

Gays are the most at risk people  who suffer from cruelty. They are the ones who are weak, and they  are the ones who wanted to love freely-but in return  they are the ones who are beaten. How unfair the society is? Are they criminals?  They  just wanted to live a normal  life, to love and to make things extraordinary.

As our society is trying to  grasp and adapt the  change that gays wanted to have, we have to expect that  many people will still judge throw morbid words to the gays. But  as we are fully aware of  equality and justice, let the change manifests its  essence.That is to live and to love  freely. Philippines is a democratic       country,  so let the democracy happened!

May the Lord bless the human soul..                                        


  1. Anonymous1/29/2012

    I have a few gay friends, and it has also been very difficult for them. I live in a country that is actually a lot opened mind regarding homosexual people, but of course there are still some conservatives.

  2. Anonymous1/31/2012

    If only we can live in a world free from discrimatory eyes that kill without people knowing.

  3. One by one, nations around the globe are starting to adapt to the idea of giving the LGBT absolute liberty. Although, these changes are evident, I think the Philippines, being a country with such strong Catholic background is still not ready to embrace this "change".

  4. ELAY: Yes, and that's cool~!

  5. pointlessparanoia: I hope so..

  6. Maggie: well, it's almost thesame in my country MAg!

  7. kahit saang lugar mayroon talaga niyan.....ang iba galante....ang iba naman kuripot.....hehe...


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