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As Miss Universe mania had been toned down and slowly loosing its glitz this year( but looking forward for  next year) everyone of us are busy looking for the videos of the said pageant and wanting to enjoy the memory of how excited we were, during the top 16 announcement when  Shamcey Supsup (Philippines bet)  made all the way to the top and luckily placed 3rd runner up to Leila Lopes of Angola.

Beauty pageantry for us Filipinos has made a great impact in our lives, it is something that every year we look forward to. Might be in our local baranggay, national or international and we love to cheer, we bashed, and we fight for our bet.

Shamcey Supsup is an epitome of beauty, charisma, religious fundamentalist and intelligence. At first, when she was crowned in our country she was half bashed and half praised. Everyone entitled to speak, and have spoken either negative or positive to her. Yet she proved that she can pulled such surprise that every bashers never think of she could deliver. Kudos to her!

With her performance and Q and A  I could say, " I am satisfied with it". A woman who had no experience in the arena of beauty pageantry but still  she  was able to proved that even novice one can captured the crown. Determination and self-confidence plus hard work equals victory- and with that Shamcey win it all!

We have so many things to say about (against)  her, opinions that should not be said, shared and not necessarily need to be heard. As always human tends to speculate or assumed that we are right at some point, without  observing keenly. The "what ifs" gives us everything to ponder  morbidly or kindly we said it all.

Anyone's happy for her victory? Or are we still not convinced of what she have achieved?

Satisfaction is something that we Filipinos must learned! Her victory as third runner up was a huge success for our country to placed once again. Out of 89 delegates, with wit, height, glamorously beautiful and charisma Shamcey outwitted them! We should be GRATEFUL that she placed.

Miss Universe 1969 Gloria Diaz is likewise happy with Shamcey’s performance in the competition. She noted, however, that the Miss Universe pageant is not only about beauty and brains, it’s also about luck.“Everybody has things to say but like I’ve always said, first of all, you will not be there if you’re not beautiful, if you’re not smart, if you’re not tall or pretty. But I’ve told this over and over. It’s 99% luck. Everybody has an opinion why she did not win, whether the answer was good enough or not good enough. To some people it was smart; to some people it was kulang. But really it’s just luck at the end of the day,” she said on radio 

watch this and be amazed!


  1. ok na rin ang 3rd place lang...... hindi lang naman ang question and answer ang batayan para manalo sa miss universe..marami pang batayan..kaya sa nagsasabi na dapat ay siya ang manalo ay unawain ang desisyon ng mga judges..

  2. hello there! what a nice blog you have!!
    mind to visit and follow me? I'll follow you back then :)

  3. Pramudita Puspita : Thanks!

  4. Arvin: Tama ka dyan!


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